Thursday, October 23, 2014

it's a start

i'm running about 7 miles a day at 7:20-7:00 miles.

i'm feeling fit. i am in good shape, just different shape compared to when running was my job.

i'm training for nothing.

i might do a 5k road race next weekend with my high schoolers.

should be interesting seeing that the ONLY speed work is once a week (if that) with the high school kids.

Friday, October 5, 2012

death by dehydration

wednesday's workout was spectacular.  4x1 miles repeats at 5:20 pace with 3-4 minutes rest on the fields.  no biggie, just another workout.  well, i got pretty close to seeing jesus that morning.

after the run, as usual, i found myself in a bouncy, hysterical runner's high......though it was short lived. i got home and quickly got ready for the day.  i tried braiding my hair, but i was to tired to make it look good.  MY ARMS WERE TO TIRED TO LIFT ABOVE MY HEAD.....what is happening to by body.

wednesday came and went, feeling worse as the hours passed.

thursday i woke up and had you told me i got hit by a bus and had been in a coma for 3 months, i wouldn't have known the difference.  50 min run.  well, i didn't make it 50 minutes.  i made it 38 minutes in an incredible 7:50-8 minute mile pace.  we were blazing.....oh dear.  7:50 mile pace was WORK.  i wasn't trying to take it easy, that is honestly the fastest my body could go.

all day yesterday i was in a zombie like state.  my head hurt, my body ached, i didn't want to open my eyes, i just wanted to lay down and do nothing.  so that is exactly what i did.  i drank an entire bottle of pedialyte and then even more water, but i only went to the bathroom maybe 1 or 2 times the entire day. DE-HY-DRA-TIONNNN!

today we ran for 60 minutes.  again, legs full of fatigue and mind in a constant battle of give up or fight.  today i fought (probably more mentally draining than wednesday's workout in all honesty).  wednesday took my body to a new level of fitness.  my body is just trying to catch up.  tomorrow we have a 6-mile tempo and a 12 mile day.  the thought of running really pisses me off right now.  i know most of that is my frustration with my body and tiredness and dehydration talking, but still, i've never wanted to just not run before.

coach gave me an electrolyte pill that meggan, his wife, uses after her workouts.  she is a boss, click on her name to check out her blog.  i am hoping this will help my mental state as well as my physical.  i have a lot of school work and teacher work to catch up on.  i'll be doing homework until the cardinals game come on......RALLY SQUIRREL


Sunday, September 9, 2012

that time of the year again

.....well, my hamstring is tweaked.  awesome.

i told coach about it this morning and he reminded me that this is the week EVERY SINGLE YEAR that gets me.  i am going to play it safe.

i am so excited for the meet in Nashville this coming weekend.  actually, excited doesn't even cut it.

today we had an 8 mile kenyan tempo at the refuge.  can i just say how much i love my "job?"  i don't remember the last sunrise i missed.  talk about experiencing the fullness and beauty of the Lord's creation!

my splits for the last 4 miles: 6:13, 6:00, 5:42, 5:38

and i felt really good.  hamstring didn't bother me during the run, just after.  guess i'm not gonna stop running. ;)

girls minus a few

we got each other's backs

we are weird....and weird doesn't even describe us half the time

me and jojo

my lovely and awesome parents

we are of a different world

my heart beats for You lord, but to You be the glory

cool down

cool down

jodie's look a like animal is a loris! :)

me and my best friend loren

i love us

Saturday, August 25, 2012

times for tuesday 8x1000 and times for 16x400

on grass in flats (jodie, katie, chloe, me)

1-3:56 (oops)
8-3:30 (felt the best honestly)

16x400 on grass in flats 60 seconds rest (jodie, katie, chloe, cornelia, fabienne, emma, me)

1-84.5 (oops)
(3 minutes)

......and that was 7 girls doing that exact 400 workout all in the same times.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8x1000 at sportsplex


i am trying to keep my cool about running, but i am just so excited about how this season is opening up.  yesterday we had 8x1000.  it was at the sportsplex around a 1000 meter loop on soft soccer fields.  now, i won't say that they were excellent (at least the first one wasn't), but they were pretty darn good.  my group was Katie, Jodie, Chloe, and myself.  i am probably in the best shape of my life right now (and so are my teammates).  i am thrilled that we are this early in the season and i am running this strong.  i need to keep my iron levels up (which thankfully they are!).  i am doing all the little things, which is making all the difference. 

-eating right
-good team unity
-weights and curcuits
-foam rolling
-more ice bathing
-mental preparedness

everything, every little thing matters

i should be getting a time sheet this afternoon that shows all my times.  i will post those when i get them.  my 8th one was 3:30.  i took my heart rate after every rep.  i never breached 180bpm (which is a good thing for lactic threshold).

i have 20 x 400 on friday.  i am SO excited.  it is at 95% VO2.  i hope to see Jesus after the workout :)

it's on like donkey kong, y'all!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

boardtown long run

i know i haven't necessarily been excellent at updating my progress this summer, but rest assured, i am killing it.

i haven't hit my total mileage each week (only off by a few short miles), but my quality is there.

this week i was able to run with simone on thursday, jodie on friday, and boardtown on saturday.  one more week of this solo-training deal and i would have been toast.  i wouldn't have made it, and i'm not ashamed to say that.  i need a support system.

this weekend's long run was the best run all summer.  i feel great. i feel like my body looks great. my legs felt great. (and it was like 15 degrees cooler this morning).   averaging about 6:30 on long run, starting at about 7:04 pace and dropping it each mile.  shoot, last week's long run we ended on about a 6:14 mile because dogs were chasing after katie....and katie hates dogs.  hahahahaha. my legs about died.  i love running with starkville high school's boys cross-country team.  they are awesome people.

this is jodie
if you don't know her, i feel bad for you
she is going to be a great team leader and an unstoppable force this season

part of the team
i am so glad starkville's population is increasing by the thousands each minute

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

firecracker 6

dad and i
he has always been my biggest fan
i got to indiana last night and decided that i wanted to run a road race on independence day.  talk about last minute!  oh well, 6 mile road race made me happy!!!  i got 10 miles in for the day!!  :)  already ahead on my mileage for the week, i'm excited.

my dad asked me if i had any goals for the race, and i said i just wanted to run the first mile relaxed at 6:30 and then take it from there.  well, my first mile ended up being 6:04 and i was the third female.  for some reason, i smiled.  i felt great.  i backed off and the second mile was 6:12.  third mile was 5:59 and i moved into first position and then 6:19 uphill.  the finishing miles were fantastic as i caught up with some guys and tried to stay with them.  i ended up running 36:08 for 6 miles.  here are the results HERE.    i had such a great time today.  it feels great to be in indy again.  runners are truly the greatest people in the world.  besides southerners, you'll never meet a better group of people.

i gave my prizes to the second female finisher since i can't accept any awards due to NCAA rules, i'm glad someone can get good use out of it.  it was awesome too!  $50 to a running store, a board game, and protein powder!

here are a few pictures that my dad took.  there will be more when the race officials post the race pictures online!

start of the race,  i got out well

great job to everyone who competed today! i got to meet a lot of new runners today!  it was great to put names with faces and talk running with new friends.

don't forget that today is more than fireworks.  freedom isn't free.  it has cost, and is still costing, countless lives.  thank you service men and women for all your sacrifices.  we will never be able to thank you enough for the gift of freedom!! and thank you to Jesus who gave us all the ULTIMATE freedom by shedding his blood on the cross.  through Christ we have true freedom.

me and blake, one of coach frank's friends
jessica and bob bleich!  so proud of both of them.
me and dad after the race


Thursday, June 28, 2012

8 miles under sunsets and stars

yesterday may have been the best run of my life.  i know i have been saying that a lot lately, but it's probably because my fitness is improving exponentially each day.   i ran at north farm at 8PM, hesitant to run any earlier due to my near death experience on tuesday. this heat is ridiculous.   i usually hate running at night, if i dont run early in the morning, i feel like my entire day is wasted.  however, it was wonderful.  on my way to the farm, a cool breeze came in.  what a surprise.  it was almost as if it was the first cooler day of fall, where it's hot in the day but gets a little chilly at night.  when i say chilly, i mean it dropped below 80 for the first time since i can remember.  i ran just over 8 miles last night, averaging 7:01 for the first 4 miles and then i started picking it up.  my last mile ended up being close to 6:30 pace.  the strides from the night before are really opening up my legs and giving me a quick preview of what my leg speed needs to be. i thought that i was legitimately running 7:15-20 pace.  when my gps clicked off at 7:01, i smiled.  *freeze frame!*  i know my gps is accurate because i was running with it on one of our campus loops, and it clicked where all our mile markers are around town.  so needless to say, this is really helping me stay true to my training.     

here is a picture i took just after the first mile.
8 miles of this

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

dead, exhausted, worth it

yesterday i slept until 10:30! WHAT!? this NEVER happens.  i woke up in a panic feeling as if my entire day had been absolutely wasted. i was instantly in a terrible mood. i missed my run, i missed breakfast, i missed precious time to do work!  i was stressing out because i slept too long.  after realizing my body probably needed it, i got to work.  our air conditioner has been out for a week and it is incredibly hard to get a good nights rest. 

thankfully, i was able to get my run in with Joe and some of Starkville's finest.  clocked off the first mile in 6:50.  knowing that it was 7PM in mississippi and i still had 5 more miles to run, i knew i was in for a treat....a painful, agonizing treat.  i was dead.  our second mile was even faster, two miles at 13:10.  my body is literally hating me at this point and my cotton-mouth is choking me.  going into the third mile, starkville's hills decide to rip me a new one.  oh well, i push on.  thankfully, at about 4.5 miles we stop at the Sanderson to grab a quick drink.  i needed this.  the rest of the run was great and the finishing strides i had to do really helped open up my legs.  feels good to move them quick again.  Meggan, if you are reading this, i really don't know how long i'm going to be able to hang in the 5k time trial tomorrow.  >___<

woke up again late this morning.  being forced to sleep on the couch does not give me the best rest.  i am tired from yesterdays run.  i'm going to run again tonight after church. 

i've got a lot to do today in the aspect of school.  it's my last week.  i HAVE to get this paper done today and start on my other paper.  both of which are due on friday morning.  eeek.  

keep grinding,

Monday, June 25, 2012

sweat baby sweat

it's bloody hot here in mississippi. though i finish my runs by 8AM, my face is caked with enough salt to adequately cover 843 jumbo pretzels.  i like walking after i finish my run, it helps me cool down a bit.  i reached up to wipe the sweat dripping from my eyebrow before it has the chance to sting my eyes, and the dried sweat from my run scratched my skin.  literally minute chemical burns are occurring all over my face.


i had a such a fantastic run this morning.  i ran 8 miles averaging about 7:15.  i started the run a little slower and made the second half stronger.  i ran through trails at north farm, which was a dumb idea.  i found a stick to carry (after being ambushed with countless spider webs)  i saw a leaf just hanging in mid air and i knew a spider web was in front of me.  i used my stick to attack the web, but i didn't see the spider.....until it hit me.  it was the size of a quarter.  IIIICCCKKKK!!!  i screamed like a little girl.

running is such a beautiful escape.

happy trails, (without spiders)


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Long Run with BoardTown Runners

I am finally at a point in my training where I can hold a 7-min pace for miles on end.  I am excited about this because just a few short weeks ago, I was struggling to run even just 6 miles without wanting to die, physically.

Today was perhaps one of the single best runs of my life.  I ran my long run with BoardTown Road Runners this morning.  Though I only go to the group over the summer months, they make me feel like family.  It is always encouraging to have good conversation and good competition.  I ran with Joe for most of the run.  We did a 9.85 mile loop, and a hilly loop at that.  The first mile was around 7:15 pace I believe.  I wanted to keep that pace for most of the first half and then run around 6:50-7 minutes for the second half.  I knew that that pace would be challenging and a good benchmark for weeks to come.

However, Joe and I dropped the pace quickly after the first water stop.  Between the first and second water stop I had to use the restroom (YAY!) and spent the next 1.5 miles trying to catch back up to Joe....but I did it!  I dropped that pace like a mug y'all!

After the second water stop (not that I needed this stop, i'm not used to stopping this much during runs, but I took it anyway.  It was refreshing.)  Because  I was already in a good rhythm, I wanted to continue in that pace so I left Joe and tried to trail on the footsteps of Little Joe, Meggan, and coach Franks.  I ended up catching Joe just before the end of the run, but Meggan and coach added a few more miles onto their run.   My second half of the run ended up being around 6:30-25 pace/mile.

After the run, I jumped in the pool.  I was so hot and the pool was refreshing.

My legs feel surprisingly great.  I know this time last year I was not running an average 6:47 per mile for almost 10 miles in JUNE!  this is encouraging.  Running outside my comfort zone and with people who I know will push me regardless is essential for my future success.

My endurance is probably better than this time last year; however, my overall fitness is a little worse than last summer.  Truth be told, I'm flabby in a few areas.  I need to tone up a little in the butt region, bahaha, but seriously.  Taking two months off because of an injury does nothing but make my butt swell.  Not that I'm being pschyo about my physical appearance, because I'm not. I like myself and how I look, but I know what it takes to go to the next level.  

I hope my teammates realize that real results take real work.  
it's uncomfortable. 
it's tiring. 
it's going to hurt. 
it's not supposed to be easy. 
somedays you want to quit.
somedays you question why you run. 
somedays you laugh at how stupid it is to chase nothing!

......but it doesn't stop you from lacing up today, tomorrow, and forever more because the pain is worth it, there is something inside you that ticks to pounding pavement, because running and every good (and bad!) thing that encompasses running is absolutely worth it.  
it IS worth it. and if you don't believe that, 
then get off my roads.


Saturday, May 19, 2012


it's going to be a great year!

getting back into the swing of things

i love running.
i love mississippi state.
i love my coaches.
i love my team.
i love this place.

i know i have been missing in action this past semester, but i have just felt drained.  emotionally and physically.  i haven't felt like writing nor updating anyone on my running status, well because quite frankly, i have been very bitter.  i was bitter because, once again, i got injured.  however, it COULD have been avoided. i think that is what frustrates me the most.  it wasn't an overuse injury, it wasn't nagging, it wasn't an injury that would go away in a few weeks time.  no, call me a pansy, but it was a bone bruise.  a bone bruise from the steeple chase done at Ole Miss in the beginning of March and i am just now able to run again.

there were days through this injury that i would just cry.  thinking, "why me? why again?" i became angry at my coaches because i didn't think they paid enough attention to me.  i was injured, what did i expect?  their job is to COACH the athletes that can run, not to pour out their sympathy to me.  why did i think myself so important that i needed to be constantly catered!?  there were days i simply didn't feel like cross training, so i didn't.  there were days when all i wanted to do was bike until i couldn't walk, so i did. i grew a lot during this injury, as i do with all injuries.

i think the most important thing i got from this injury was confidence.  confidence that, like with every injury, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.  i would worry that i would never run again, that tomorrow wouldn't come, that i wouldn't be okay without running, that i would have pain forever.  but this injury, too, passed.  as they always do, just some quicker than others.

i like to think of running as a lover.  i love Running. i love how Running makes me feel, i love spending time with Running.  i get frustrated with Running, but i always return.  Running lets me down constantly, but Running is always there for me.  Running and i have our moments of success and we have had our fair share of trails.  but one thing is true, i am so very passionate about my relationship with Running.  we are one, and it will never be another way.

now, after two months of decent cross-training, i have finally started my journey to cross-country training.  though official practice doesn't start until june 5, i need to make sure i get quality miles in that way i can handle the (eventually) 60-65 miles a week that i will be running.

i tried to run monday, but came up short only with 15 minutes and lots of pain.  so i waited until thursday to jump back on the saddle.  not setting my expectations or hopes TOO high, i laced up and thought that if i could get 15 minutes without pain i would call it a day.  i ended up going 30 minutes without lasting pain.  friday, 30 minutes no pain.  saturday (today) i ran with the Boardtown Runners and i went 40 minutes.  i ran about 7 min pace with joe macgown for the first 20 minutes, but then i turned around while he continued on his 10 mile run.  our course was hilly, back country roads.  it was wonderful to be with a group of runners who merely love the pain of it all.  i can't wait until next saturday! joe, i'm bringing my A watch out!

so, this is my blog post in saying that i can't be more thrilled than i already am to be running again.  thank you for all your prayers over the last few weeks and concerns for me.  i truly covet your prayers.  my prayer is that i would run merely for the passion of running and not for my hunger of self-glorification or to fuel my pride.  i don't want running to be a finite idol as i have made it in the past.  i am running TO and FOR God.  this is a turning point in my running career, and i know i am about to do big things for the kingdom of God. thank you for standing by me through the good and the bad times running, i always appreciate your support, reader.

hail state,
noodle butt.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

breaking up

running and i are in a relationship

running and i are having problems

i'm not sure about us anymore.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bone bruise

to say the least,
i'm incredibly bitter.

i'm not, i promise you.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

ole miss track meet

i obviously have no idea what i am doing.

plain and simple.

i am angry, actually, i am beyond angry.  steeple yesterday, SUCKED.   sure, i ran a decent time for my first steeple, 11:00.  but.....the water pits alone cost me 25 seconds because YES, i stopped on every single one of them (ok, my second jump had some grace) but all the other ones, no, i stopped dead in my tracks ANNNND in the process bruised my heel (i hope that is all it is) so bad that i now can not walk normally.  yes, i will be getting crutches tomorrow because im not risking another injury by compensating for my heel.

i'm not mad at my time nor even how i raced.  i'm mad at my technique, i'm mad that i don't have experience, i'm mad that now i'm probably going to have to take off AT LEAST a week (which i can't afford) .  yeah, you may say i'm exaggerating, but i'm not.  i know my body, i know degrees of pain. and this isn't something i should be messing with.  this is stupid. this is frustrating.  this all could have been avoided if i jumped the water pits correctly or had more practice over the barriers.  i swear i didn't go over the barrier ten times in practice before i raced it.  ugh i just want to cuss really really loud and scream and just be angry.  DUMB!

that being said, i got a ton of great pictures from the meet as a whole.  it would have been an enjoyable day had i been able to walk around, but the pain suppressed any endorphins that may have been produced.

it's hot.
i'm annoyed.
i'm angry.
i just want to cry.

ok, so i will.

good jump

good jump

good jump

good jump..........
epic fail

epic fail

epic fail

freshman jacob fuller
probably my favorite shot from the day, so candid



Logan and Katie (Ole Miss) and Anna (MSU) coming up on the 2-mile in the 5k

carson's tattoo.
i'm a fan

Thursday, March 29, 2012

chasing the steeple

tuesday could not have gone worse. i had a nice and relaxing 6 mile run.....and then hurdles.  coach wanted me to tap off the steeple so i did it.  perfectly.  and then he was like, ok now hurdle it.  BAM. couldn't do it. what is wrong with me. i need to float....instead i jump like a kangaroo over the hurdle.  terrible.  i just wish i could block out everyone and just do it.  cause i know i can just do it.  its jumping over a 30" barrier.....come on.  anyway, tuesday was a nightmare.  tuesday night didn't prove any better.  i was just angry.

redemption wednesday.

i had a workout. yes. i love workouts.

1000 m with 2 water jumps and hurdles.
3:21 (WHAT?!) i was ecstatic.

4x800 at 2:30-35

my foot is kinda hurting since the meet on friday, but i think it is just a small bruise and probably will go away within the next week.  nothing to really worry about, i just want to document it.  its on my left foot.  it is on the ventral side on the head of my first metatarsal.  i'm pretty sure its just from all the pounding.

check out Blake's photography HERE!

yep, this is me being me
this weekend i am racing the 3k steeple at Ole Miss.  i am excited.  its time to test the waters!