Monday, June 25, 2012

sweat baby sweat

it's bloody hot here in mississippi. though i finish my runs by 8AM, my face is caked with enough salt to adequately cover 843 jumbo pretzels.  i like walking after i finish my run, it helps me cool down a bit.  i reached up to wipe the sweat dripping from my eyebrow before it has the chance to sting my eyes, and the dried sweat from my run scratched my skin.  literally minute chemical burns are occurring all over my face.


i had a such a fantastic run this morning.  i ran 8 miles averaging about 7:15.  i started the run a little slower and made the second half stronger.  i ran through trails at north farm, which was a dumb idea.  i found a stick to carry (after being ambushed with countless spider webs)  i saw a leaf just hanging in mid air and i knew a spider web was in front of me.  i used my stick to attack the web, but i didn't see the spider.....until it hit me.  it was the size of a quarter.  IIIICCCKKKK!!!  i screamed like a little girl.

running is such a beautiful escape.

happy trails, (without spiders)


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  1. There used to be a mountain biker that would ride the trails early...good for us runners because he would get all the spiders and webs!