Wednesday, June 27, 2012

dead, exhausted, worth it

yesterday i slept until 10:30! WHAT!? this NEVER happens.  i woke up in a panic feeling as if my entire day had been absolutely wasted. i was instantly in a terrible mood. i missed my run, i missed breakfast, i missed precious time to do work!  i was stressing out because i slept too long.  after realizing my body probably needed it, i got to work.  our air conditioner has been out for a week and it is incredibly hard to get a good nights rest. 

thankfully, i was able to get my run in with Joe and some of Starkville's finest.  clocked off the first mile in 6:50.  knowing that it was 7PM in mississippi and i still had 5 more miles to run, i knew i was in for a treat....a painful, agonizing treat.  i was dead.  our second mile was even faster, two miles at 13:10.  my body is literally hating me at this point and my cotton-mouth is choking me.  going into the third mile, starkville's hills decide to rip me a new one.  oh well, i push on.  thankfully, at about 4.5 miles we stop at the Sanderson to grab a quick drink.  i needed this.  the rest of the run was great and the finishing strides i had to do really helped open up my legs.  feels good to move them quick again.  Meggan, if you are reading this, i really don't know how long i'm going to be able to hang in the 5k time trial tomorrow.  >___<

woke up again late this morning.  being forced to sleep on the couch does not give me the best rest.  i am tired from yesterdays run.  i'm going to run again tonight after church. 

i've got a lot to do today in the aspect of school.  it's my last week.  i HAVE to get this paper done today and start on my other paper.  both of which are due on friday morning.  eeek.  

keep grinding,

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  1. I canceled the 5km misery run due to the 95 degrees after 8:30PM!!! Sorry!! Don't know how you are surviving, I barely em.