Saturday, June 23, 2012

Long Run with BoardTown Runners

I am finally at a point in my training where I can hold a 7-min pace for miles on end.  I am excited about this because just a few short weeks ago, I was struggling to run even just 6 miles without wanting to die, physically.

Today was perhaps one of the single best runs of my life.  I ran my long run with BoardTown Road Runners this morning.  Though I only go to the group over the summer months, they make me feel like family.  It is always encouraging to have good conversation and good competition.  I ran with Joe for most of the run.  We did a 9.85 mile loop, and a hilly loop at that.  The first mile was around 7:15 pace I believe.  I wanted to keep that pace for most of the first half and then run around 6:50-7 minutes for the second half.  I knew that that pace would be challenging and a good benchmark for weeks to come.

However, Joe and I dropped the pace quickly after the first water stop.  Between the first and second water stop I had to use the restroom (YAY!) and spent the next 1.5 miles trying to catch back up to Joe....but I did it!  I dropped that pace like a mug y'all!

After the second water stop (not that I needed this stop, i'm not used to stopping this much during runs, but I took it anyway.  It was refreshing.)  Because  I was already in a good rhythm, I wanted to continue in that pace so I left Joe and tried to trail on the footsteps of Little Joe, Meggan, and coach Franks.  I ended up catching Joe just before the end of the run, but Meggan and coach added a few more miles onto their run.   My second half of the run ended up being around 6:30-25 pace/mile.

After the run, I jumped in the pool.  I was so hot and the pool was refreshing.

My legs feel surprisingly great.  I know this time last year I was not running an average 6:47 per mile for almost 10 miles in JUNE!  this is encouraging.  Running outside my comfort zone and with people who I know will push me regardless is essential for my future success.

My endurance is probably better than this time last year; however, my overall fitness is a little worse than last summer.  Truth be told, I'm flabby in a few areas.  I need to tone up a little in the butt region, bahaha, but seriously.  Taking two months off because of an injury does nothing but make my butt swell.  Not that I'm being pschyo about my physical appearance, because I'm not. I like myself and how I look, but I know what it takes to go to the next level.  

I hope my teammates realize that real results take real work.  
it's uncomfortable. 
it's tiring. 
it's going to hurt. 
it's not supposed to be easy. 
somedays you want to quit.
somedays you question why you run. 
somedays you laugh at how stupid it is to chase nothing!

......but it doesn't stop you from lacing up today, tomorrow, and forever more because the pain is worth it, there is something inside you that ticks to pounding pavement, because running and every good (and bad!) thing that encompasses running is absolutely worth it.  
it IS worth it. and if you don't believe that, 
then get off my roads.


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  1. I love this attitude! Keep getting runs in like that and there will be no flab what so ever (there is already none that I can see). Keep it up and you will be logging all your long runs at 6:30 pace...probably in no time at all. Live having you out there and everyone enjoys you and your attitude.
    Not just in running, but working hard in all things. Running may be small in the big picture but its going to help you excel in everything you do. You are going to have a great year and I can't wait to watch! Nice run today.. -M