Saturday, August 11, 2012

boardtown long run

i know i haven't necessarily been excellent at updating my progress this summer, but rest assured, i am killing it.

i haven't hit my total mileage each week (only off by a few short miles), but my quality is there.

this week i was able to run with simone on thursday, jodie on friday, and boardtown on saturday.  one more week of this solo-training deal and i would have been toast.  i wouldn't have made it, and i'm not ashamed to say that.  i need a support system.

this weekend's long run was the best run all summer.  i feel great. i feel like my body looks great. my legs felt great. (and it was like 15 degrees cooler this morning).   averaging about 6:30 on long run, starting at about 7:04 pace and dropping it each mile.  shoot, last week's long run we ended on about a 6:14 mile because dogs were chasing after katie....and katie hates dogs.  hahahahaha. my legs about died.  i love running with starkville high school's boys cross-country team.  they are awesome people.

this is jodie
if you don't know her, i feel bad for you
she is going to be a great team leader and an unstoppable force this season

part of the team
i am so glad starkville's population is increasing by the thousands each minute


  1. Nice summer Renee! It's so nice to have team members back and running strong. Everyone seems fit and ready to go!

  2. You are a beast. Sound like you will have a stellar season. I love reading your updates :) <3

  3. Now that the season has started I would appreciate it if you would update your blog once a week. Thanks.