Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8x1000 at sportsplex


i am trying to keep my cool about running, but i am just so excited about how this season is opening up.  yesterday we had 8x1000.  it was at the sportsplex around a 1000 meter loop on soft soccer fields.  now, i won't say that they were excellent (at least the first one wasn't), but they were pretty darn good.  my group was Katie, Jodie, Chloe, and myself.  i am probably in the best shape of my life right now (and so are my teammates).  i am thrilled that we are this early in the season and i am running this strong.  i need to keep my iron levels up (which thankfully they are!).  i am doing all the little things, which is making all the difference. 

-eating right
-good team unity
-weights and curcuits
-foam rolling
-more ice bathing
-mental preparedness

everything, every little thing matters

i should be getting a time sheet this afternoon that shows all my times.  i will post those when i get them.  my 8th one was 3:30.  i took my heart rate after every rep.  i never breached 180bpm (which is a good thing for lactic threshold).

i have 20 x 400 on friday.  i am SO excited.  it is at 95% VO2.  i hope to see Jesus after the workout :)

it's on like donkey kong, y'all!

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