Wednesday, July 4, 2012

firecracker 6

dad and i
he has always been my biggest fan
i got to indiana last night and decided that i wanted to run a road race on independence day.  talk about last minute!  oh well, 6 mile road race made me happy!!!  i got 10 miles in for the day!!  :)  already ahead on my mileage for the week, i'm excited.

my dad asked me if i had any goals for the race, and i said i just wanted to run the first mile relaxed at 6:30 and then take it from there.  well, my first mile ended up being 6:04 and i was the third female.  for some reason, i smiled.  i felt great.  i backed off and the second mile was 6:12.  third mile was 5:59 and i moved into first position and then 6:19 uphill.  the finishing miles were fantastic as i caught up with some guys and tried to stay with them.  i ended up running 36:08 for 6 miles.  here are the results HERE.    i had such a great time today.  it feels great to be in indy again.  runners are truly the greatest people in the world.  besides southerners, you'll never meet a better group of people.

i gave my prizes to the second female finisher since i can't accept any awards due to NCAA rules, i'm glad someone can get good use out of it.  it was awesome too!  $50 to a running store, a board game, and protein powder!

here are a few pictures that my dad took.  there will be more when the race officials post the race pictures online!

start of the race,  i got out well

great job to everyone who competed today! i got to meet a lot of new runners today!  it was great to put names with faces and talk running with new friends.

don't forget that today is more than fireworks.  freedom isn't free.  it has cost, and is still costing, countless lives.  thank you service men and women for all your sacrifices.  we will never be able to thank you enough for the gift of freedom!! and thank you to Jesus who gave us all the ULTIMATE freedom by shedding his blood on the cross.  through Christ we have true freedom.

me and blake, one of coach frank's friends
jessica and bob bleich!  so proud of both of them.
me and dad after the race



  1. Don't want to upset you but you could have kept that prize! I think the gift car and all. TO play it safe, as long as you gave away the gift card you would be fine....kept the rest.
    Nice run Renee! - Meggan

    haha! I miss you. Tell me about your running/life.