Sunday, September 9, 2012

that time of the year again

.....well, my hamstring is tweaked.  awesome.

i told coach about it this morning and he reminded me that this is the week EVERY SINGLE YEAR that gets me.  i am going to play it safe.

i am so excited for the meet in Nashville this coming weekend.  actually, excited doesn't even cut it.

today we had an 8 mile kenyan tempo at the refuge.  can i just say how much i love my "job?"  i don't remember the last sunrise i missed.  talk about experiencing the fullness and beauty of the Lord's creation!

my splits for the last 4 miles: 6:13, 6:00, 5:42, 5:38

and i felt really good.  hamstring didn't bother me during the run, just after.  guess i'm not gonna stop running. ;)

girls minus a few

we got each other's backs

we are weird....and weird doesn't even describe us half the time

me and jojo

my lovely and awesome parents

we are of a different world

my heart beats for You lord, but to You be the glory

cool down

cool down

jodie's look a like animal is a loris! :)

me and my best friend loren

i love us


  1. Nice work Renee! Good luck in Nashville! You are running soooo well.

  2. that's a killer tempo time. I miss being out with you. Also you kicked butt last weekend. very proud. :)