Friday, October 5, 2012

death by dehydration

wednesday's workout was spectacular.  4x1 miles repeats at 5:20 pace with 3-4 minutes rest on the fields.  no biggie, just another workout.  well, i got pretty close to seeing jesus that morning.

after the run, as usual, i found myself in a bouncy, hysterical runner's high......though it was short lived. i got home and quickly got ready for the day.  i tried braiding my hair, but i was to tired to make it look good.  MY ARMS WERE TO TIRED TO LIFT ABOVE MY HEAD.....what is happening to by body.

wednesday came and went, feeling worse as the hours passed.

thursday i woke up and had you told me i got hit by a bus and had been in a coma for 3 months, i wouldn't have known the difference.  50 min run.  well, i didn't make it 50 minutes.  i made it 38 minutes in an incredible 7:50-8 minute mile pace.  we were blazing.....oh dear.  7:50 mile pace was WORK.  i wasn't trying to take it easy, that is honestly the fastest my body could go.

all day yesterday i was in a zombie like state.  my head hurt, my body ached, i didn't want to open my eyes, i just wanted to lay down and do nothing.  so that is exactly what i did.  i drank an entire bottle of pedialyte and then even more water, but i only went to the bathroom maybe 1 or 2 times the entire day. DE-HY-DRA-TIONNNN!

today we ran for 60 minutes.  again, legs full of fatigue and mind in a constant battle of give up or fight.  today i fought (probably more mentally draining than wednesday's workout in all honesty).  wednesday took my body to a new level of fitness.  my body is just trying to catch up.  tomorrow we have a 6-mile tempo and a 12 mile day.  the thought of running really pisses me off right now.  i know most of that is my frustration with my body and tiredness and dehydration talking, but still, i've never wanted to just not run before.

coach gave me an electrolyte pill that meggan, his wife, uses after her workouts.  she is a boss, click on her name to check out her blog.  i am hoping this will help my mental state as well as my physical.  i have a lot of school work and teacher work to catch up on.  i'll be doing homework until the cardinals game come on......RALLY SQUIRREL


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  1. Your body sometimes lets us know when "enough is enough". Pushing yourself will payoff later. BTW, why only negative posts? You have had an amazing season so far! Where are the positive posts?