Sunday, April 1, 2012

ole miss track meet

i obviously have no idea what i am doing.

plain and simple.

i am angry, actually, i am beyond angry.  steeple yesterday, SUCKED.   sure, i ran a decent time for my first steeple, 11:00.  but.....the water pits alone cost me 25 seconds because YES, i stopped on every single one of them (ok, my second jump had some grace) but all the other ones, no, i stopped dead in my tracks ANNNND in the process bruised my heel (i hope that is all it is) so bad that i now can not walk normally.  yes, i will be getting crutches tomorrow because im not risking another injury by compensating for my heel.

i'm not mad at my time nor even how i raced.  i'm mad at my technique, i'm mad that i don't have experience, i'm mad that now i'm probably going to have to take off AT LEAST a week (which i can't afford) .  yeah, you may say i'm exaggerating, but i'm not.  i know my body, i know degrees of pain. and this isn't something i should be messing with.  this is stupid. this is frustrating.  this all could have been avoided if i jumped the water pits correctly or had more practice over the barriers.  i swear i didn't go over the barrier ten times in practice before i raced it.  ugh i just want to cuss really really loud and scream and just be angry.  DUMB!

that being said, i got a ton of great pictures from the meet as a whole.  it would have been an enjoyable day had i been able to walk around, but the pain suppressed any endorphins that may have been produced.

it's hot.
i'm annoyed.
i'm angry.
i just want to cry.

ok, so i will.

good jump

good jump

good jump

good jump..........
epic fail

epic fail

epic fail

freshman jacob fuller
probably my favorite shot from the day, so candid



Logan and Katie (Ole Miss) and Anna (MSU) coming up on the 2-mile in the 5k

carson's tattoo.
i'm a fan

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  1. I can't imagine how hard the steeple must be but you are super tough and will kill it soon! Great pictures!