Friday, June 17, 2011

to burn the bra or not to burn?

me and dad: we can't help ourselves
i ran 6 miles recovery this morning with anna, adriana, haley, and christina.  we went 7:11 min/mi.  it was such a nerd run.  all we talked about was chemistry and science.  by the way, i totally dig nerd runs because i am a certified dweeb head.  talk about osmoregulation, photosynthesis, taxonomy, redox, organic molecules and i will be foaming with interest and passion at the mouth.

simone went home to spend father's day with her dad.  tomorrow we are running the refuge and loren is finally here to run with us this weekend! we have a hot date tonight, i can't wait. i have missed loren so much.  she is my best friend and i am looking forward to next year when we actually have lives again to hang out.


as i was leaving the apartment to head to class i realized i wasn't wearing a bra.  this is not an uncommon event, but the thought of "oh, i'm not wearing a bra" came to mind.  it brought up questions in my mind.  

  • wouldn't it be great to never wear a bra except to run? i love the feeling of sports bra, something invigorating and strong hidden in those the tan line is envy-worthy
  • what if you could get the support (the nice cup shape) of a bra without wearing one?
  • do band-aids suffice as a proper cover while wearing tanktops?
  • how do i get smaller boobs?
  • why do guys really think these things are so incredible?!!  they are disgusting.
  • not wearing a bra is like being naked, under your clothes....right?
anyway, i honestly was thinking about how awesome it was to not have to wear a bra.  they are annoying.

i had my vertebrate biology exam today.  i aced it.  the only thing i am worried about it that i had to write 4 essays worth 15 points each.  i know i made good arguments, but getting ALL the points will be the big kicker.  last exam i made a 121 out of 125.  i am thrilled with that and it gives me a little cushion just in case some freak accident happens on one test.  i am over half way done.  i just have 2 lab exams and the final left.   after the test me and a few classmates went out to lunch at a local mexican resturant.  it is so fun to hang out with people who are interested in the same profession/study as you are.  i have been in multiple classes with daltria, daniel, and abby, but this is the first time we have all hung out together.  

carter is in town, so that means anna will not be hanging out with me.  WAY TO GO ANNA THANKS FOR RUINING MY WEEKEND :P  now we can't snuggle or cuddle or work on our scrapbook or dance in the kitchen or make cupcakes or paint our toenails... great, i literally have no life without you. JUST THANKS!  :P haha.  
me and my dad at SEC in athens
i hope you all have a wonderful father's day weekend,


  1. haha love the bra thoughts. I've actually thought about bandaids and tape too. Sometimes you just don't want to wear one.

  2. burn it and join the itty bitty titty committee

  3. You're so smart. :) Good job on the exam missy!
    And I loved the run this morning, too.
    I will also be joining you tomorrow. I'm going home afterwards.
    Buuuuttt yea, you are awesome. I hate bras, too. Except like you, I enjoy wearing sports bras on runs and occasionally. :)
    Love you <3

  4. why do guys really think these things are so incredible?!! they are disgusting.

    hahahhahah TOTALLY agree! i say that to my boyfriend at least once a day. i just don't get it!