Thursday, June 16, 2011

recovery is such a beautiful thing.  

today was a recovery day and i definitely needed it.  we have been running qualitiy pace for the past week and it is slowly taking a toll on my body.  i can feel myself getting stronger and fitter every single day. i love the 5:45 morning runs with the girls.  it is such a freedom from everything else going on in the day.  today we did the town loop out and back.  it is mostly pavement, which i am completely fine with.  i love the pavement paradise.  

check out my multiple playlists that i now have on my blog.  i have a country and and an upbeat indie/top hits playlist.  

in class i am learning so much about vertebrates.  i have truly found my passion once again.  i have an exam tomorrow and another exam on monday.  vertebrate biology is a lot of work, especially since it is a semester class squeezed into one month.  despite the work, it has brought so  much fun.  i have lab everyday for 3 hours and besides the morning run, it is the highlight of my day.  there are some fantastic people who are like minded in that class.  we might all be going to lunch together after the exam tomorrow to refuel our spent brains.  

i'm watching curb appeal: the block on HGTV.  not only am i biology freak, i am a home decorator by night.  i can't wait to buy my first place and make it something extraordinary.

i need to study,

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