Saturday, June 18, 2011

refuge long run

  • 10.2 miles
  • 71 minutes
  • 7:01 avg/mile

the second half of the long run was quality.  we dropped the pace considerably but it was still comfortable and could hold a conversation.  the bug were terrible.  i don't mind bugs too much, but these horse flies are the size of silver dollars.  i brought bug spray and everyone was very appreciative of this.  it was so fun to run with everyone this morning.  we packed 6 people in my car so we could drive to the Noxubee Refuge to run.  it was beautiful.  the sun was rising, the sun peaked through the cotton-candy clouds, we blared music on the way there and back, i was in my crazy hyper mood but i hadn't even had coffee.  the drive home was awesome.  we were singing Rascal Flatts and Christina Aguilera, yes, it was epic.
loren and i before the run!
it was so good to run with Loren again!  she is having some problems with her knee and it kills me to see her hurt so much.  she is probably one of the toughest people i know, she has put up with more nick-nack injuries and serious injuries than anyone else i know.  i don't think she has run pain free since 2008.

it's is going to be a great weekend!
grades are 4.0
running is flawless. 
country music brings a strange/unexpected hype to my day.
i love mississippi so much.
i start my day at 5am everyday.
i have sassy red toenails.
i went to the farmer's markert.
tomorrow is a day off.
i only have one more full week of class.

i can't remember a time that i have been really sad.  sure there are small little upsets and set-backs every day (who's day is perfect?) but i have been all around happy for quite some time.  i hope this continues!

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