Sunday, June 5, 2011

STL weekend

shocker right?
haha, i took this picture at a breakfast.brunch
place called "Rooster"
i loved their heart shaped sugar cubes
what a fun weekend i spent in St. Louis.  i left Friday afternoon after my class and arrived in Cardinal Nation around 8:30.  My family warmly welcomed me and then we went out on the town, but not before dad and I stopped by the adult beverage lounge in the hotel lobby.  How relaxing.  My family is so wierd and I don't mind (actually I strongly encourage you to) if you agree.  My dad and I are very similar, we laugh at the dumbest things, have the wierdest humor, and make the dumbest faces in pictures.  We are sorta like best friend
s.  Same with my mom, she is hilarious, but we give her flack for it because she is supposed to be the mature one in the family, all the same we all have a good time laughing.  Audrey, oh let's not even get started.  we are two peas in a pod (now).  we used to be at each other's throats 23.9 of the 24 hours in the day, but now we are clownin' fools doing everything together.  we can't get enough of each other when we finally get to visit!  I LOVE YOU MASTERSON FAMILY!

I started my Saturday with an 8-miler in downtown with my dad. He did the first 10 minutes with me and then I dropped the pace to get in my scheduled run.  It was so fun to be running with my dad again.  It brought back so many memories of him training me to run my first half-marathon in the 5th grade.  I timed my 8-miler perfectly to finish directly under the arch.  What a way to bring in the day!  Later we went to the Cards/Cubs game.  CARDS WON, obviously.  Ok for you haters out there, baseball is a drag to watch.  Basically like watching paint dry, but not saturday's game.   For the last 4-extra innings I was on the edge of my seat just praying that Pujols, Allen, or Molina would save the game with a homer.  Thank you Albert for pulling through a walk-off homer.  YOU'RE THE MAN!

I am now back in the 662 and though it is my home, it doesn't feel like home.  Both my roommates are gone, most of the team is gone. It is so empty in this apartment and the only fun that is found in my day is either the morning runs with the girls who are still here (but Haley leaves for Nats on Tuesday so it will be another lonely week BUT SHE IS GOING TO BURN UP THE TRACK SO GO HAY GO!) or when Anna comes over (sometimes she brings Clay, her boxer).  I love getting to hang out with Anna, especially since we will be roommates next year.

at grant's farm/anheiser-busch

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