Thursday, June 2, 2011

happy thursday

i miss everything about texas
this morning's run was wonderful. i ran with christina, simone, anna, and haley. i begrudgingly crawled out of bed knowing that if i didn't show up to themorning run i would in turn hate myself by the afternoon when i would then have to run in 98ยบ and 93% humidity with zero shade.  so, i got up.  my legs just feel really heavy lately but i am pulling through.  i need to make sure i am hydrating a little better.  i am starting to get sick, my throat is really dry, scratchy, and sore.  i haven't taken iron in about 2.5 weeks and need to resupply my body.

i am about to head out the door to go to summer school.  i have my first day of labs today and will not be out of class until 6.

i am heading to st. louis tomorrow to see my family and to watch a cardinals game.  i can't wait.

recent obsessions:
-my big fat gypsy wedding
-extreme couponing
-black cherry almond cliff bars
-vertebrate biology
-printing out pictures
-watching movies
-cooking with the bare minimum because i am cheap
-saving money
-trying new coffee concoctions 
-kevin hart
-steeplechase pictures


  1. And I thought you were coming to St. Louis to see me. Guess I was wrong lol. Extreme couponing is ridiculous. I wish I could be that good.

  2. try zinc lozenges, equate brand is pretty cheep at wal mart, but even the name brand cold eze is reasonable at any walgreens or whatever they have down south. They are directly recommended for upper respiratory tract infections by the USATF coaching manuals, post any hard workouts, and while traveling. Avoid citrus 15min before and after taking lozenger. check out didactic dagans on youtube for walmart shopping tips :)