Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tornadoes in the South

Here are some pictures of the most recent tornado that came through the South.  We have been having so many storms here lately.  I am one who LOVES LOVES LOVES storms, but even I have been a bit startled by some of the recent weather activity.   These are pictures from Tuscaloosa.  I took them while I was on the bus driving back to Starkville from flying into Birmingham after Penn.  This was not even the worst of all the damage.   Please keep everyone affected in the South in your prayers.  
A few weeks ago there were more tornadoes and I was out dancing in the hail.  Coach Franks told me that tornadoes can actually suck people up.  For some reason, maybe I just didn't think about it, I never really thought about that.  Maybe that is my pride and feeling of invincibility shining through.  Whatever it is, I will be more careful next time a storm comes.  I'll chase it in my car instead of running after it.  :)

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