Monday, May 2, 2011

thank you philadelphia

hello everyone,

i had such an enjoyable time.  chloe, haley, and katie and i really had the most wonderful bonding time ever.  i roomed with katie and i must say it was the most entertaining and fun experience ever.  katie is such a great person and if you don't know her, i would encourage you to get to know her.  she is full of surprises and always keeps you guessing.  she also just started a blog which can be found HERE!  our team always was close, one of the GREATEST thing about being a MSU bulldog, but now after this trip, i feel as though chloe, hay, and katie and i are just THAT much closer.  we had such an enjoyable time.  no drama :) and EVERYONE was up to do EVERYTHING, which was such a relief.  i love these girls and i am so happy to be apart of their family and be their team mate.

there was never a dull moment in philadelphia.  we walked ....and walked....and walked.  that sounds miserable (i'm not going to say it wasn't at the end of saturday) but it was a great way to see the city.  we were able to run by the rocky stairs, walk to the track, go to the reading terminal and get delicious crepes and fresh produce, walk about 3 miles to get philly's best cheesesteaks at Jim's Steaks on 4th and South, we saw interesting people everywhere we turned ("you done messed wit the wrong B," lady walking with marching arms, guy hugging light poles and parking meters like they were people), we saw french people playing bells and drums while lofted high into the air, we took COUNTLESS pictures, got good coffee at local places, and went shopping.  everyone in philadelphia was so pleasant, surprisingly.  philadelphia is now on my place where i could actually see myself living one day.

i have to go get ready for a compliance meeting, but i will finish updating later.  :)

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  1. Looks like things are really starting to come together for you :) So proud of you, Renee.

    Did you by chance see Waverly Neer own the 3k? My goodness. I'm proud of her, too! Indiana REPRESENT!

    Haha. Well, I certainly hope we can catch up soon. You're awesome; keep the faith, and...yeah. God loves you :)