Monday, May 16, 2011

SEC Championship in Athens GA

My season is now over and my sights are set on the fall.  This excites me all too much.  For one, this means I get to run 5k/6k and I get to do 13-15 mile runs again.  Not that I don't love the 1500 (well, i don't LOVE it because we all know that i should be running the 3k steeple) but I need to get on to the distances and hills and mud and team atmosphere.

SECs 2011 will stick out forever in my mind.  For one, I was terrified that the man I have grown to love as a coach would pass away.  Terrified honestly doesn't ever convey my emotion.  Coach Schmidt suffered not one, but two attacks of cardiac arrests in the middle of the track this past week.   They were able to get him back to life but quickly after his heart started beating, it once again flat-lined.  Praise be to God that the Georgia medical staff responded in ALL the proper and professional ways.  Our team was so supportive and the hand of God was playing a huge roll in the saving of my coach's life.  Prayer does wonderful things, granted sometimes prayer isnt answered in the way we would like, but I can't help but believe that God is NOT finished with the work coach Schmidt is to accomplish in this life.  he has had multiple heart attacks, several surgies, cancer, and now two cardiac arrests.  My coach is an iron machine.  He is a fighter, and I am certain that he is the toughest person I know.  Coach is having triple by-pass surgery on Thursday.  Please say an extra prayer throughout the week for my coach.  This is a very scary thing, but I have faith in him and the doctors and in God to see it through.  

me and my coach
i love him forever
My parents were able to come watch the race this past week.  It was so good to finally see them again.  I love the support my parents give me, in the good and the bad times.  I hope to never take their love and affection for granted.

second heat of 1500
I ran the 1500 and the 5k.  The 1500 was not what I had expected but what a good experiecene.  I ended up leading the tactical race through 1k.  It was a slow pace, but I had to lead it.  I went out there and raced trying to make it a true 1500 instead of a sprinter's race (which it ended up being a battle of the most gutsiest 400 kick)  nevertheless, i didn't make it to finals and I am okay with that.

loving my form
I also ran the 5k and finished in 17:33.  I obviously wasn't happy with the time, but I can't be too disappointed in myself.  I have been running for 2.5 months after taking 3 months off.  I ran solid through 2.5k but once the 3k hit I just started counting laps and I mentally was toast.  17:33 isn't terrible and it sure beats the shape I was in last year at this time.  If I can have a good, solid summer training, it will be a very successful cross-country season.
john valentine finished 7th in a time of 9:15
8 sec PR

Johnny V got 7th in the steeple with a time of 9:15!  I am so proud of him.  Haley scored in the 10k and as if that wasn't enough...THE 5K TOO!!!!  She continues to amaze me and she just keeps getting better.  I am so excited to be training partners again this summer.  YAY FOR CIRCUITS HAY!

The girls team ended up finishing 10th and the men's 9th, despite injuries, we did decent.  Our sights are being set higher as we have a lot of new and great freshman coming in.

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  1. I seriously love you :)
    Can't wait for summer&fall training.
    You're right that prayer does work. <3 Coach will pull through. No worries.