Wednesday, May 18, 2011

harry potter, peach cobbler, texas, and other things

so the past 3 days have been compromised of absolutely nothing.
i have been D-1 in laziness
however, it is amazing at what i have accomplished.
  • watch all 7 harry potters
  • make a peach cobbler (it is still baking right now)
  • make a huge dent in "water for elephants"
  • cleaned my room
  • completed and folded all my laundry
  • written a beautiful piece of literature called "bird after my heart"
  • run errands with morgan
  • grocery shopped at kroger and saved $7 with my kroger-plus card
  • went to the dollar store and purchased needless items such as a seashell bra, pink lei, and a grass skirt
  • i painted a picture of a butterfly
  • i got my hair braided
  • i ran 45 minutes yesterday and today nice and relaxed and took monday off
  • i helped john move all his stuff into a storage shed
so there we have it, i have been quite successful in the midst of all my laziness.  
my peach cobbler is baking right now.  it is called "real texas peach cobbler". <<<<(click that for the recipe) i thought i would make texas peach cobbler seeing that i am headed to texas for a week with the team.  me, anna, carter, jay, bobby, julian and his girlfriend, cameron, john, and briou are going to john's lakehouse for a week in the sun wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, swimming, and chillaxing.  i am so thrilled.  i can't wait.  this is going to be a fun trip right before i start summer school in the month of june.  

i have so much to give away.  i have nearly 4 bags of clothes that i want to give away and a box full of household things.  i have realized how selfish i am with my belongings.  i have too much, i know i have too much.  i buy buy buy and never give give give.  i have too many clothes to begin with, so i purged my closet of everything i don't wear.  i didn't even think twice about somethings.  if there was any hesitation, i threw it out because i know someone else will be able to use it more so than i.  we are going to be moving out of our apartment in less than two months so i need to be getting rid of as much as possible that way i have a blank canvas to work with in my new house.

speaking of canvas, i painted.  i painted a butterfly and i painted a bird with a quote; however, the bird painting i painted over in black because i was dissatisfied with it.  

i am going to try a piece of my peach cobbler...too bad i don't have vanillla bean ice cream.

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  1. seeems to me you handle your free time pretty well. I still "fear" free time and boredom but I have gotten alot better with it. I think its going to take awhile for me to feel completely comfortable with doing nothing. I miss you. We haven't talked in awhile. Congrats though on the new boy ;) guys look cute together. Hope everything else is well. I have some good news my dad and I are now TALKING ON THE PHONE! Can u believe it?! He still is a little short and I can tell he still has some anger in his voice but it's progress..I never thought I would jump up and down when I would hear my phone ring and it says would think its a boy that I like ooops didn't mean for this comment to be long..but just was excited to tell you that and miss ya and love ya !