Monday, May 9, 2011

hotter than hell but i saw jesus

  i knew was going to be a tough workout, a workout known by coach schmidt as "i'm going to see jesus" and well, what do you know.  i cry/whimper in a workout for this first time that i can remember.  the workout was originally 4x600/400 with 3 min between the 6 and 4 and 6 min between sets.  i was supposed to hit 1:45 and 68.  chloe and i were stride for stride, battling the heat together.

1:42         1:45              solid start to the workout........
67             70

but this is where it gets interesting.  chloe and i are literally dying.  i say dying, and i mean i am shaking, sucking air but that is doing nothing since the humidity is like i walked into a wet sauna, and it looks like i am having an asthma attack while having the look of death plastered across my face.  basically, i look like a sorry fool and there is nothing i can do because i am being baked at 90ºF with nothing but salt to season my already leather skin.

coach comes over  and says, "okay, just finish with 3x400 at 68-70.  trying to lift my spirits and maintain a positive attitude, i tell chloe who has managed to find shade.  then coach says, "now, let's get it together. i know it's hot, but don't look like your dog just died."  we head to the line and coach changes the workout again to 5x200 at 31. chloe and i manage to hit all our splits. i saw jesus today.

i immediately stumble to the steeple pit where i take the world's most wonderful plunge.  i look like a dog with my head above the water and my four limbs beneath me.  it was so refreshing. then chloe and i get in a cool down and then chill with mike and carson at the steeple pit for above 15 minutes more.

ice bath was the next step.  i never thought i'd live to see the day where i beg to take a 48º ice bath.  i stayed in for 12 minutes yet i know 20 minutes would have been pure bliss.  in the ice bath i start rapping Karmin because this is my goal by the end of the week.  i can get all the words, it's just insanely hard to breathe.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

after the ice bath, i changed into my brand new navy blue sports bra (shown above in the video) that daniel gave me today HALLELUJAH! and my navy blue Olympic shorts that i got in philly.  they match really well and both are SO comfortable.

my phone has been acting up, no surprise.  yesterday i call my mom for mothers day and it magically turns off 4 times in the span of 10 minutes.  yeah, that's a huge problem.  so i got that taken care of and then journeyed to wally-world to buy chicken and whatnot.  oh i forgot to tell you that i was cranking the screamo down highway 12 with the windows down.  ♪♫♪ it was epic and turned off a truck full of huge black dudes, though it didn't stop them from trying to talk to me.

my epic sandwich
i have a food baby right now.  (haley, i hope i have a 12 pound child later today HAHA)
i prepared the world's greatest grilled italian chicken sandwich. i ate peach yogurt and added an assortment of berries. i also devoured 2 white cheddar rice cakes with a thin layer of peanut butter while i  cooked the chickenzzz.   i need water.  that is about it.

i'm staying inside today and going to attempt cleaning,

p.s. why anyone would willingly stay in mississippi for the summer is beyond my comprehension, it's hotter than Hadēs (oh wait....yeah, i'll be here all june. fantastic.)
p.s.s. i saw a shooting star last night 


  1. I love my MS summers. Be prepared to feel like death

  2. hahaha love the video..that takes friend nicole can do the ludacris/chris brown version but she talks reallly fast already so it was easy for her....misss youu !

  3. haha I love that I get a 'successful' shoutout :)
    Great job in that workout woman. <3

  4. I LOL'd at the 12 lb. baby, Renee. I feel like I have a good idea about the meaning of that reference.

    You're awesome! I can't wait to see how your future seasons pan out. Love ya girrl and I pray for you!!! :D