Friday, May 6, 2011

2x5x300 at 50/52/52/52/Fast with 60 sec

haley and i at continental in philly
today was the second time i have done the 2x5x300 workout.  last time i averaged 4:17 and 4:22 for each set.  today, however, was so much better. conditions were comparable to last time, just a little more sunshine :)
i really feel like i am finally getting into good shape.  i am hardly worrying about my body image or what i eat.  i don't worry about the small things, i just do them.  i still need to be a little more disciplined on taking my iron, but at least i am still taking it.

49.49     52.55    51.14    52.31    51.20   = 4:16.69

50.11     52.92    51.39    52.00    49.78   = 4:16.20

katie, chloe, and i on an adventure in penn
i ran the workout with Katie and Chloe.  Those two really helped me throughout the whole workout.  we work really well together and i am so blessed to have them as teammates and training partners.  Chloe is ready to hit the qualifying time next weekend at SEC's!

the distance girls had a 4 mile tempo and chloe and i drove to watch the middle of the tempo.  we accidentally stalled chloe's car.  we were about to freak out (during the 6 minutes it took us to figure out what was wrong) until we noticed that the engine was off and it was still in drive. HAHA

i think today is a good day to go to the pool.  starkville is a wonderful place to be.  what a great opportunity to get closer to my teammates!  no school.....just eat sleep and train, rest and repeat!

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  1. So proud of you woman! And you SO have the right attitude about not worrying over the little things. Love you! <3