Wednesday, April 6, 2011

texas texas texas

change of plans:

coach calls me at 6 am and says "how long would it take you to pack a bag for texas?" in my state o confusion and tiredness i said, "what is wrong? what are you talking about?"  he said, "be ready in 15 minutes, i am headed your way."

frantically, i throw everything i possibly can see in my bag.  half of it was from dirty clothes piles.  i throw my spikes, trainers, and uniform into the bag first just to be sure.  coach picks me up and has a coffee waiting for me.  we blaze down southern mississippi catching the bus in less than an hour.  i have now officially been to louisiana.   i eat lunch with the team at a mall and then i hop on the bus to hang out with the team. it was so nice. we watched "Son in Law" and shared good laughs.  then i fell asleep.

the run through austin was great.  so many people out.  we went to some cactus mexican restaurant for dinner, props to carter and juan.  john pushed me into the waterfall of the hot tub/pool.  this has officially started prank wars.  this is going to be never ending seeing that everyone is going to be living within 3 houses of each other next year.

so many things to look forward to here in the near future!

keeping austin weird,

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