Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4x3x400 at 75

today was a workout day.  coach gave me 4x3x400 again to see how much progress i am making.  i really love this workout.  if i could do 400's forever, i would.  there is nothing like cranking out 400s.

1st           2nd             3rd          4th    
76            74                73            74
75            73                72            74
75            73                74            71
(blue times represent faster 400 than one week ago)
verse one week ago

1st             2nd             3rd           4th

78                72                74            75
75                74                74            75
74                75                76            75

i am definitely happy with how the training is going.  getting back into shape after surgery is tough, but definitely worth it.

the team is heading to texas tomorrow for texas relays.  i am really going to miss them. i wish i could either A. share texas relays with them or B. share super bulldog weekend with them.  it just doesn't add up. i am here and they are there.  this is only motivation to work harder and do all the little things right.

these are some of the kids i work with

my friend robert took me to east oktibbeha county school

robert was teaching them how to take their pulse

the kids taking their pulse after running

teaching the importance of exercise and studying hard

one of the kids.  we had a race and this guy gave me a run for my money.


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  1. So proud of you and how hard you are working! Look at this awesome progress!
    I cannot wait to be running with you.
    Love you <3