Saturday, March 19, 2011

it's 4:24 in the morning

i have yet to go to bed.  i am so going to regret this in the morning.  i need sleep.  why am i not sleeping!?  i just like being awake.  i feel like i miss stuff when i sleep.  i am always like this over breaks/holidays.

maybe that is a theme of my life. 

if i break routine, i fall apart.  i don't like the sound of that.  i want to know that i don't have to be so ritualistic about EVERYTHING and i want to know that if things get changed up on a day to day basis, i don't have to get paranoid, or upset, or angry, or depressed, or anxious just because common occurrences or routines are skewed.

i want a large dark italian roast coffee, now.  (my coffee consumption has been limited to 12 oz every day for the past 1 and a half, miracles happen)

on a running note:

i ran 35 minutes today at tempo pace.  it was incredible, and i thought i was honestly going to die. mississippi is hot, the summer is going to be death. i start workouts on monday.  200s/400s and tempos.  i am excited to get my legs moving under me again, that quick turn over is going to be blissful.

i'm going to sleep when the sun wakes up,

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  1. SO feel ya on the routine thing! i am NOT spontaneous in the least!