Monday, March 21, 2011

6-miles + too much sun + lack of coffee + hw + getting kicked out of study hall = bad attitude

i ran 6-miles averaging 7:08 per mile.  it was good.  it wasn't the pace that killed me, it was this 85 degrees, ZERO cloud coverage, and not a winch of shade that did me in.  i have drank nearly 3 liters of water today.  go me!  i lost 4 pounds of sweat while running.  it was not fun, to say the least.

i have 8x200 and 20 min run plus weights tomorrow
wednesday i am doing 8x1000 at steady (i couldn't be more thrilled about this workout! YAY!!!!)
thursday i have an easy 3
friday i am doing 5x1200 at steady (this will be a rough one, but very exciting)
saturday i am working the meet and will probably do an easy 5 or so.

this is exciting.  i finally am feeling like a runner again.  i love the sun, but i hate it when i am running.  summer is going to be rough.  HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING, btw.

i got kicked out of study hall because apparently my legs are too much of a distraction.  dear boys, KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS YOU FILTHY BAGS! really i couldn't be more upset right now.  i really needed to get stuff done and plus, my teammates are there and i love hanging out with them.

this picture doesn't reflect my mood right now, but i like the picture and i got these sweet shades at the boardstown antique shop this weekend.  stellar.
anyway, i feel really angry right now and i want to walk to the Shell station for a coffee.  i have only had 8oz today.  i can't tell you how much of a feat (however unfortunate it may be) this is.  i'm really moody and the smallest things set me off.  at least i have had a lot of water today, that's good.

i want to binge on everything right now.   then again, i kind of want to go a drink another 2 liter of water so it would be easier to toss everything i just ate.  kill my stupid thoughts.  i won't, don't worry.

anyway, school is already getting me down.  i have so much to do and so little time. i know i shouldn't be worrying. worrying is bad and it means i am not trusting God to lead me.  i'm just an angry person right now and i hate it, but at least i recognize that i am being a dumbtard, and will hopefully turn my frown upside down here soon.

my stomach looks like a child is inside i have had so much water,

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