Monday, March 28, 2011

BIG TEN vs SEC recap

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it feels so good to be back in the saddle.  i just found out that i am racing on friday at the Twilight Race under the track lights.  i will be in the slow heat of the 1500, but you know what, that is a-ok with me.  no pressure.  my workouts show that i could run about a 4:30 1500.  i hope i have the strength to maintain through the 1200.

i got to work the long jump and triple jump on saturday.  it offered a very interesting perspective to track meets.  i can honestly say i never knew how difficult and how much work it took to organize a track meet.  i hope to be running every track meet from here on out, no more raking sand for me.  i loved being on the in-field.  i took so many pictures and managed to snag a bunch of great pictures.

i was able to see a lot of friends from high school during the meet.  IU and Purdue were both at the meet which offered opportunities to catch up with friends who run for them.  i also met a really cool (and awesome thrower) from IU.  his name is patrick oyne and is legit as it gets.

the team posted great times and such a thrill.  the women's MSU team won the meet overall, but the SEC lost (thank you UGA for getting suspended for alcohol, that cost us the meet.   your actions just don't affect you, they affect everyone)  it's a good lesson i think.  anyway, we did fantastic.  i can't wait for this meet next year.
hand off during the 4x4
what a SICK race!
Haley running the 3k
Rochelle in long jump
19' 06" 1/4
johnny v and nathan in their steeplechase debut! GREAT JOB!

ed making is debut in the hammer!   
Baker in the 400

it feels good to be a bulldog, baby.  speaking of bulldogs, GO BUTLER!

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  1. Great to see Post from runners. However, that fact about "UGA being suspended for alcohol"...false. The University of Georgia actually sent their B Team to Mississippi. Many of the runners were coming off of injuries and running their first collegiate track meet. I'd say they had a pretty good showing for leaving the A team home.
    I'm not to sure where you got this information but from the look of your blog and enthusiasm you have about your school I think you would find it offensive to be called dumb alcoholics ( give or take) in a blog. So lucky for me social media has created an atmosphere where "statements ( such as yours) can be corrected.
    UGA sent there B team and the next weekend had a boy steepler chaser run 8:45 a women steeple chaser run 10:33 and two distance girls go significantly under 17. O and the women won the DMR.
    Hopefully in the future the SEC will have a better showing. See you in Athens in May.