Friday, March 25, 2011

1200, 3x3x400

today was another day where my mood dictated nearly 75% of the things i did today. coach texted me saying workout was changed.  immediately (in my state of soreness) i had already decided that the workout was a bad idea and got grumpy.  this carrying into my state of mind where i could not decide when or what i was going to eat because i had nearly 20 things to get done by noon.  i settled for 2 protein bars, water, and a banana.
walking back to my car to head home, i see the Purdue men's and women's team running through campus.  i about lost it, this is SEC country.  it makes me want to race even more now.  i ran with all those girls in high school.  (not that going to Purdue EVER crossed my mind, because it didn't.  i'm a Hoosier through and through)
anyway, it was my pride getting to me, and i know i shouldn't have let it get to me.  i call my dad, why? because my dad is legit and my biggest fan (other than mom of course) and has trained me since i was in the 5th grade, that is why.  i started to cry because i want to race so bad.  i told him how angry i was at the possibility of doing the workout and how dead my legs were.  he assured me that i was fine, that not racing was a blessing (actually yeah, it is), that coach schmidt has my best interest at heart, that he (my dad) believes in me, and finally, that doing this workout would make my legs feel better.

and what do you know?  dad was right.  i changed my attitude.  told myself that the workout was going to be fabulous.  came to practice ready to do work.  would you have a look at that?!

my legs were sore yes, but they eventually loosened up.  have i mentioned that even though i seem like a really confident, all-too-well-put-together person that i really am a huge self-doubtor and am a loose cannon?  there.  if i hadn't before, i just did.  (it's midnight, and my legs feel better now than they did 12 hours ago)





tomorrow is the big ten-SEC challenge.  watch it on ESPN!  i'll be working the long jump pit.


after my workout, i was on cloud nine high as a kite.  those endorphins were running rampant. 

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