Wednesday, March 23, 2011

6 x 1000 at steady

today proved to be another successful day, despite feeling like a truck has hit me square in the quads.  i came to practice in every mood, but a positive-ready-to-run.
to catch you up to speed of my day: my quads were slightly sore, i woke up late for class and rushed, i had 2 3-hour labs, did not get a chance to eat lunch other than a powerbar, and then inhaled dinner in 10 -minutes.
i knew i was in for a rough practice, no matter what was going to happen (whether coach moved the workout and i had 6-miles or i did the workout).  i thought about talking to coach schmidt seeing if i could move the workout to thursday since my quads were tight.  however, coach just said give it what i got.  i wasn't too worried at this point because he told me to make it a little faster than "road" pace, mostly tempo.  well, guess what.  i'm a retard. imagine that.  what happens?  i again beast-mode it up.  stupid.  i'm stupid.  

6 x 1000 with equal rest


i cooled-down with john and nathan.  it was fun to run with guys again.  my attitude really changed after/during the workout.  i'm glad i finished.  i forgot how tough running makes you.  i was crawling on my cool down as the lactic acid sat in.  i turned around early from the guys and then stretched.  i took another ice bath, much needed (and without crying or pain)  i wanted to submerge my entire body in the ice, i was spent.  i wish i could have enjoyed dinner more, i like sitting with the team in the templeton.  however, i had to go to lab and they had a team meeting.

i need to get a move on studying for my physics test in the morning.  tally hoe good chap.

i miss my sister, a lot

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