Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4x3x400 at 75

only in running shoes does my world come to life

i had a workout of 4x3x400 at 75 with 90s between reps and 5 minutes between sets.  this is 3 more 400s, 30 less seconds rest, and 1 minute less recovery between.  let me tell you, this is EXACTLY what i needed to turn my day around.  it felt so good to lace up while the cloud spit mist in my face.  i felt so strong today.  my legs felt really good.  (side note: i was an idiot today and wore flip flops to class, my stress fracture area started to hurt.  guess who isn't wearing flips to class again.  it feels fine now).

1st             2nd             3rd           4th
78               72                74            75
75               74                74            75
74               75                76            75

solid workout for me at this point.   i can't wait for friday under the lights.  my parents are coming.  this is going to be my very first outdoor track workout since 2008. the shape i am in right now rivals what i came off my senior year.  hopefully i can maintain through the 1200, 300m seems like a life time when you are already tired.  i will be doing much visualization throughout the week.  at least i will have a lot of people cheering for me and the rest of the bulldogs.  

i spent 21 minutes in the ice bath.  yes, complete bliss.  

check out these mutant strawberries!!!!

Morgan says: "one of those could feed a small country!"

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