Thursday, December 16, 2010

Redeeming Love

If you have not read Redeeming Love, you should.  It is the story of a helpless orphan who is thrown into prostitution through a series of unfortunate events and eventually her business in the brothel defines her every move, her absence of emotion.  A man, a man truly seeking to please God first and foremost, sees this now "soiled dove" taking her daily walk through the town.  God tells this man to marry her.  Obviously, the women would have none of his nonsense and the man began to doubt.  However, the man listened to God because his life depends on it, all our lives depend on us listening to Him.  She runs away. Yet he still loves her.  She is a whore.  Yet he STILL loves her. She continues in her prostitution because that is all she knows and feels accepted. She will not love him back, but he STILL loves her.  He loves her, STILL. 

This is a beautiful depiction of God's love for us.  We are whores after everything if we are not seeking God first and foremost.  We run away from God.  We don't want to love Him back.  Yet God STILL loves us. 

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