Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kansas, Bikes, Grades, and Jazz

"Back home again, in INDIANA and it seems that I can see, the gleaming candle light still shining bright through the sycamores for me, the new mown hay sends all its fragrance from the fields I used to roam, when I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash, then I long for my Indiana home."

After spending some much needed R&R in Kansas with some friends, I finally think my IT band might be getting a little better.  When I say "a little" better, I mean, I think my IT band is thinking about improving, it just hasn't yet.  Foam-rolling (painful but delightful), anti-inflammatories (left over from God-knows when from God-knows what was wrong with me), icing (that sensational freezation of my entire leg, thank you for the ice-cupping Brent Bailey), massages (from a man with fingers as thick as tree trunks and might could have won the world championships in being burly) and of course, not being stupid (actually a lot harder than it sounds). 

I tried to run on Saturday in the Kansas brutalness; however, I only managed 2 minutes and then decided to walk down Massachusetts Street.  This was a severely dumb idea.  Not only was it so cold my nose hairs stiffened, but now my shins are aching because I pretended to be an Olympic caliber speed-walk racer.  Like I said, not being stupid is a chore. 

So, fine. Fine, I won't try to run, won't excessively rub the knots out, won't OD on pain meds, and won't be stupid. 

Today is Tuesday.  Today I biked with the expectation that 20 minutes into it I would have to stop because of unbearable tightness spreading to my knee, make some kind of scene in the gym where tears might actually pour from my eyes in anger and then proceed to ask for ice, possibly limping around in utter embarrassment.  However, today is Tuesday, and that did not happen. I was able to weasel 60 minutes on the bike where I spun 19 miles.  Sure, it wasn't THAT fast, but "HALLELUJAH, IT'S A MIRACLE" that I was able to bike for even that long without the stabbing pain-though fear presented itself every minute in deliberate expectation of hurt.  (Yay for my neurotransmitters blocking my pain receptors, or better yet, not having a hormone produced that says PAIN! yes, I never said I was normal) 

Speaking of being a straight up nerd, I want to discuss my academics.  I am proud to say that I received my first B this semester since the 6th grade.  What is better, is that I earned 2 B's.  I say I earned them, because really, I earned them.  Honestly, I know I could have gotten a mid-A in both Organic Chemistry and Cellular Biology, but to be frank, I didn't even care.  I mean, I cared a little, especially in Organic because I studied more for that class than any other class, but Cellular Biology was supposed to be my "fluff" class of the semester.  It wasn't.  It nearly destroyed me mentally.  Once I realized that need a near perfect score on the final, I gave up.  To me, it wasn't worth the effort I needed to put in for what I was going to receive.  So, that leaves me with an imperfect GPA anymore.  My beautiful 4.0 is gone forever, but you know what, a cumulative 3.9 is not un-beautiful.  Oh, so to reinforce that I got 2 B's this semester, I also had another first in my life.  I got my first C on a test and legitimately failed (48%) writing a Review article.  I can explain the 48% on the review article though: my professor hated life.  The C, well, I guess you can't be an over achiever your whole life and taking a peek on the average side is not always a detrimental thing.  It's like exploring, seeing WHAT ELSE is out there in the vast blue yonder, or something like that. 

I'm reading Blue Like Jazz right now.  Can I just say it could possibly rival for my new favorite book?  It is all about "Christians" in today's world: narcissistic, judgemental, unloving, hypocritical, finger-pointing, labeling, Republican-loving, Liberal-hating, biased, click-ish individuals.  I really recommend reading it, it will completely blow your mind and tell you how wrongly "Christians" act today and who we are really called to be.

It's snowing.  There is a lot of snow on the ground.  I say "a lot" because it is more than Mississippi will ever see.  At least there IS snow.  I love snow, and I'll tell you that a million times.  My car has really good traction, I haven't slid once. 

Straight No Chaser Mix (This is one of my favorite things to listen to, everyday, and yes, I am being state-prideful, like always, because Indiana is the most awesome state in the country, arguably, the greatest place on the planet)

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