Friday, December 3, 2010


I have had my fair share of injuries through the years.  After every injury, I find myself a stronger person than before.  I am stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

After the season of my life, I was thrilled to have stayed healthy for one complete season.

However, seasons change.

After one workout, I stand confused and bewildered at not only my fitness but at my body's fragility.  I have never been so fit in my life.  I am running paces that I only dreamed to run one day, that day is here and I want it to lead to big things.  I am also just shocked at my body's fragility.  After one workout, is it really time to hang up the spikes for another 3 months?  My IT band is inflamed severely, but here is the catch.  It is my GOOD IT band on my GOOD leg.  I am not doing the workout tomorrow (2x5x600 at 2:00) and just trying to calm it down a bit.  I almost threw up the pain was so excruciating.  It is the same pain I became all too familiar with for 8 months of last year resulting in surgery and another 3 month set back leading to the best season of my life. 

I don't want to go through another hard time.  I want to just be able to lace up when I want to lace up.  I pray that this is just a result of my body adjusting to faster pace and not something semi-permanent.  I'm scared.  I don't want this to really be another injury, I don't know if I could really handle it.

Maybe I really was meant to be a Lance Armstrong,

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  1. I'm praying for you! Hopefully a few days of rest will heal it completely!