Friday, December 3, 2010

10 x 400 at 72-75 with 300m jog

I really miss my kitty

Me and Audrey
Downtown Indy on the Circle

I hate finals, but love Organic Chemistry. 
I think I will become a pharmacist.

-Columbus High School Track (our track has the 1st of 3 layers on it, should be done when I return from Christmas Break, finally!)
-65 degrees
-shorts and a sports bra (yeah, I love Mississippi in December!)
- ~8 mph wind on the back stretch into turn 3
-300 m jog which ended up being 90-120 seconds rest (can't wait until it's 60 s rest)

73--->after this one I started picking up my 300m jog which felt really good.  I hate running like a slug on "between" time

I ran in spikes.  I am not a fan of training in spikes this early, but it felt really good to get my legs moving at 5-minute mile pace.  This should be a great indoor season. 

It was funny, because when I was running my 400's, the only song that ran through my head was "Light up the Sky" by the Afters. 

God has me in His hands.  He lights up this dark world when it caves in around me.  His Love is rushing in.  He lights up my Sky and shows me that He is with me. He has opened my eyes and I can see Him all around me. 

my quads hate me,

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  1. I'm glad that your workout went well! I miss running with you.
    Love you Nay :)