Monday, August 30, 2010

i ran, we conquered

i ran: i was able to run 30 minutes this morning without any pain in my upper hamstring. i did 3 laps around the sanderson plus the fields. i was uneasy the first 5-10 minutes but eventually my nerves settled and i was able to run. i was focusing alot on my form which may not have been great to do, but at least nothing was hurting.

we conquered: thank you so much for the prayers this past week and this morning especially. God is so faithful, whether He would have answered our prayers in the way we wanted to or not, God causes all things to work together for His glory (Romans 8:28). i am so blessed to have been given this talent in which i can praise God in. i need not to forget who gave me this gift and who can take it away. i am so thankful for this humble reminder that it is God who uses me, it is God through me, it is God who runs these legs. God carries me through.

tomorrow i am biking 30 minutes in the morning to loosen my legs and then we have an easy 30 minute run in the afternoon. i hope it rains.

i'm getting more anti-inflammatory meds tomorrow just as a precautionary.


run the race marked out,

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