Saturday, August 28, 2010

come on back to Me

this commercial always gets me in a great mood. thank you CR for bringing maxwell into my life. oh cool....thanks mrs. a.

good morning! today is a great day. i woke up not really wanting to face the day because i knew i would be stuck on a bike for over an hour while the team poured out blood, sweat, and tears on the cross-country course doing 4k's (quite possibly my favorite workout distance other than 400's and 1k's).
however, i got up while the sun was still sleeping. i reheated some coffee from the day before, ate two slices of nutella toast, laced up the shoes, and i was out the door.
when i got to the shira, there was no visible sign of life coming from the complex. i walked to the training room only to find it locked. i walked to the turf room in desperation of a bike and prayed no one was already on it. i stumbled in the turf field and no one was there. just me and the bike, the bike and i. excited that it was 6:00am on a saturday and no one was at the track, i put my iPod on and i started pedaling away.
instantly i knew what i wanted to listen to. i wanted to give God the glory, i wanted to be filled by Him. i rocked out to some jeremy camp, third day, steven curtis chapman, natalie grant, hawk nelson, newboys, david crowder band, dc talk, and shane & shane. it was epic. i was riding faster than i had in a very long....well, ever. it was a memorable bike to say the least. because i was all alone, i didn't mind singing as i biked, i didn't mind raising my hands, i didn't mind air-drumming. there was no one to annoy and only one God to praise!
i am so thankful i have this little set back with my hamstring. i am glad i can find a reason to praise my God in any situation. i am so glad that no matter where i am at in life i can come on back to God, and He smiles when even just one of the lost become found.
80 minutes and 33.6 miles later (i think this is an average of like 116-118rpm), i took my time to stretch and smile and thank God. i did a few back strengthening exercises and toe walks and hip strengthening exercises. i then hopped into the ice bath for 12 minutes and relaxed as i felt the cold water hug my tired legs. justin wrapped my hamstring with a bag of crushed ice (from the downstairs training room!!! which means the best ice!!!) after my ice bath.
here i sit now, completely content in whatever happens with my hamstring. here i sit now, listening to phillips, craig & dean's "the wonderful cross" smiling because no matter how many times i fail, my God has won for me.

this picture is the x-ray of my pelvis. as you can see, i swallowed my belly button ring and my ball/socket joints are not completely even. i went to the chiropractor yesterday and he adjusted me. today my back was really sore and felt as though i needed to crack it, but i resisted the urge to crack it myself because i don't want to misalign anything.
i am hopefully getting another massage and adjusted again on monday. things are going well and i am trying to trust doctors/massage therapists, though trust is a big issue between doctors and i.

the only one i am truly counting on and trusting right now is my Healer, my Maker, my Friend, my Lover, my Biggest Fan, my God.

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  1. Amazing!! Loved reading it. I know where you are and where you are headed and it looks like a good direction. SMILES