Wednesday, September 1, 2010

7 x 1000

7 x 1000 with 60 s rest
starkville sports plex 5:30am


haley, chloe, and i ran as a pack. we dropped our time significantly compared to 2 weeks ago. they are great training partners and i know i couldn't have made it without them. we tried this new thing where we all switch positions after each 1k so we rotate inside, middle, and outside. i think this was really beneficial because we are not always going to be in the same position during races.

the 2nd pack ran stellar! phenomenal! they cruised today and decreased their intervals by at least 5 seconds on each one. i am so proud of them. our women are truly making huge strides in the positive direction! congrats to the girls who earned their backpack, clothes, and shoes! that is so exciting.

adriana has a sore Achilles right now. we pray that it heals soon. she has been complaining about it for a little over a week now and she got put into a boot yesterday. we love you dri!

my hamstring hasn't hurt in 3 days, praise God alone.

UGA on friday,

coach franks: "we may not be the fastest yet, but we are the toughest. they'll know we are the toughest dammit!"

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