Monday, August 23, 2010

ischial tuberosity has got my curiosity

today during the 12-mile run my hammy tweaked. and not just your ordinary hammy. some where up in my butt/back of my pelvis. it's called ischial tuberosity. i am not sure if it is because the increase in longer runs, the gravel roads, failing to stretch(??? i'm an avid stretcher), hip imbalance.....all of the above?

mostly likely it is a hip imbalance, which makes sense since i had a knee injury last spring. i am going to the chiropractor to get my back and hips adjusted. i am going to lay on the inversion table tonight to see if anything pops in a positive fashion.

i got into my organic chemistry lab. yes! things are starting to turn around and straighten out.

i get to see my family in 11 days!
i get to see my boyfriend in 18 days!

right now i am enjoying a steak sandwich and some fresh veggies.

lots of meetings and homework,

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