Saturday, August 21, 2010


today was the 2-mile time trial for the women and the 4-mile time trial for the men. in all, a very successful day on both the men's and women's side; however, we still have alot of improving and hard work ahead of us to meet the goals we have set.

i, along with every single girl, was completely nervous for this race. it wasn't the "butterflies" nervous, in that aspect i was ready to run. it was a nervousness that can only be explained by the fact that i have not raced in over a year. just something about this morning was different. i was on a mission to run faster than i have run before in a given 2-mile distance. my record in high school was 11:06 for the 3200 after running the1600.

chloe, haley, kelly, and i crossed the mile mark at 5:34. i knew we were in good shape. we slowed up just a bit within the next 600m, but then ran strong again as we were bringing it around. i ended up running an 11:04, negative splitting a 5:30. i'm excited to have a new PR, but i know i have alot of room for improvement if i want to run the times i have strived to run. staying healthy is the number one goal at this point. chloe ran so strong at 11:14 and haley at 11:19. we had a pack of 4 running right around 11:44. i was really pleased with how today turned out and it was awesome to see how hard the girls had been working this summer. even the girls who did not make the standard, i know they have been doing their homework. i see the hunger in their eyes to be the best that they can be, willing to put everything on the line just to bring honor to the bulldogs. i think that is why mississippi state is the most homey-most family-most hard working individuals, everyone on our team matters. i am so proud of my women's cross-country team.

the men's team did exceptionally well, also. the freshmen guys just took the race by storm and showed their true colors. nick perkins won the race in a great time. matt cameron came back from a hernia surgery and hip flexor problems and ran very well. there were alot of good PR's today and tough races ran by many teammates. it's been so encouraging to see the men's and women's team making progress over the years, and even within these last few weeks.

then.....we all partied in klub arktik.

kelly, eileen, and choloe (L-R)

mike, bobby, carter, carson (L-R)


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