Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i ran at butler university and through broad ripple along the central canal. it felt really nice to run on crushed gravel after running so many consecutive days on pavement. it was hot and muggy, and never do i remember sweating this much. it was euphoric. i ran 40 minutes at about 7:45 pace. not going to lie, my legs were a bit dead and running in the heat of the day (just doing this so i can transition to mississippi weather easier) isn't exactly my spot of tea.
it was awesome and i listened to hawthorne heights the whole run. not always the biggest fan of music while running, but today i needed something screaming in my head to drown out all my thoughts. though it didn't exactly do its job because i was focused on the lyrics and applying them to my life, it still was a good change of pace.

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