Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i destroyed my workout today, but not without the motivation of my dad pushing me while he rode his bike next to me. there is something about having your dad there pushing you. i felt like i was back in middle school/high school when dad was my right hand man. i am so thankful to have been running and my dad biking, what a pure joy.
i did 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1 ladder with 1/2 time rest of what i just ran hard in between each one. i was bookin' it. really the hardest part were the back-to-back 4 minutes. i was about to lose myself. today was a really good day to improve my mental strength. physically i feel as though i am about 100%, mentally...maybe i have reached 42%????

dad said i looked like i had the fire back in me, that was nice to hear. he also said i looked fit and when i started complaining that i needed to lose weight he said that i looked fine and to stop worrying so much about it. that made me feel really good because anytime i say this (which i really know that i need to lose 5 pounds and tone up a little) everyone just agrees with me and it sort of tears me down, not exactly what i need since i am susceptible to falling back into my old habits. it was nice to hear that my dad thought i looked just fine and that i was right where i needed to be. THANKS DAD!

i literally almost died today during the workout. i started it at 5pm, thinking it would have been cooled off. i was severely mistaken. the heat index reached 116 today, well, i guess i better be getting used to it because mississippi isn't going to be any better, in fact, it is going to be worse.....much worse.

mom watered me down after the run. this was possibly the most rewarding cool down i have ever received. i was on a high after i finished, that is 2 days in a row :D

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  1. you look so fit in that picture! i am so happy your workout went well. you are going to dominate this year. i miss running with you almost as much as i miss your face!