Monday, August 2, 2010

keep rolling

here is my new week schedule since my coaching transition. for those who didn't hear, coach schmidt was promoted to director of track and field where he will work more behind the scenes on growing the program. coach franks (the men's coach) is now the head cross country coach for mens and womens. coach schmidt is going to be working with cross and the 1500 and 800m women still, so that is great news. i love coach schmidt, the main reason i choose mississippi state. however, i am excited for this season and for training under coach franks. he is a great coach and when he coached women at missouri, they were REALLY REALLY good. i can't wait to see what he does with my training, i know i will bump my mileage up a bit.
Monday - medium length run. 50-60 minutes at relaxed pace. CHECK!
- Lighter distance day. 40-45 minutes, plus strides
Wednesday - Fartlek. 12-15 minute warm-up, 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1 minutes at Tempo type pace, jog easy 1/2 time of what you just ran hard, 12-15 minutes cool down.
Thursday - Recovery run. 35-45 minutes at relaxed pace
Friday - Distance run. 50-60 minutes at relaxed pace
Saturday - Long Run - What you have been doing (or suppose to have been doing) +1 mile. So increase long run by 1 mile this week.
(12 miles for me)
Sunday -
Optional Day off if needed. Or up to 30 minutes very easy.

today is monday. i went downtown indy to run at the canal. (this is the beginning of the sunset that i got to run in to) i missed running flat pavement but under trees next to water. i love downtown. i think tomorrow i may run at Butler or Eagle Creek. man, it is SO good to be back in indianapolis! i ran 60 a relaxed pace, but maybe too fast. i was rolling. seriously, rolling. i ran over 8 miles and i know i pacing at about 7:10-05 average. i'm not sure if i should be excited about this or nervous. i know that i am banking on altitude training right now, but i always wonder if my training is really going THAT well?

i know there is some kind of internal drive that won't let myself quit, i am ready to kick come auburn/bama/hog/ole piss butt! yeah, i am! thank God for that injury, my fire is burning and i just want september to get here.

on the other hand, i am rolling through training easily now, but what happens in 2 weeks when altitude wears off? i don't really know, ask me in 2 weeks.

high as a kite and yellow gatorade in my stomach,

noodle buns

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