Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1st workout

loren, luke, and i went to La Poudre Trail to do our first workout of the year yesterday. we did 15 min w/u, 5x4min on/off at sub 6:00 pace, and 10 min w/d. it was awesome.

this is the first time that i have gone "fast" in over 9 months. i felt like i literally had wings on my feet. the first 2 were the easiest fartleks ever, but then the 3rd one was a tad harder, and then the pen-ultimate was killer. i had to talk myself through that one, and then the ultimate one i had to really rev myself up to get the last 45 seconds. i got through it and i felt like i had the weight off my shoulders. i really enjoyed the workout, especially because i reminded myself that it was at 6500ft in laporte, CO!

my attitude is positive, my mind is clear, love for other people just can't help but overflow, i am truly enjoying serving people with the joy of Christ in my life. being at sky corral, i am so incredibly blessed, i am growing, i am happy, i am challenged, i am so thankful. God is so faithful, He answers prayers, He gives and takes away. He is my Rock, my Friend, my Redeemer, my Savior, my Love of my life.

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