Friday, June 11, 2010

deep fried twinkies, four leaf clovers, and a bruised knee

i just ate 2 deep fried twinkies.
i found out what i thought were four leaf clovers have been deceiving me for years.
my knee is bruised and i can't remember what i hit.
i had a great time in colorado springs, despite not getting to see my friends.
i saw some rock marmots.
i ate a banana.
the mountains shouted the power and glory of my God.
i am finding strength in psalm 119, i really want to memorize it.

my new favorite song: all i need by shawn mcdonald

i miss my family.
i love my family here.
i miss my family in mississippi.
i really need my team.
running is great.
challenges are deep and fruitful.

"i need Your love to come and fill this heart of mine, hot as a desert that has run dry....."

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