Saturday, May 15, 2010

that's alotta but's

running is going great, but still a few aches and pains here and there.
being home has been comforting, but less than desirable.
i spent time in new york, but it didn't last long enough.
i am headed to kansas, but it can't come soon enough.
i will be spending the majority of my summer in bellvue, co at a camp called sky corral, but i will be missing my friends back here since i have yet to see one of them
i am learning so much through the Old Testament with Saul, David (and Jonathan...cough Loren), and Samuel, but I feel so far away from God at times.
i feel as though i am on fire, but then i feel lukewarm to ice cold.
i really miss my southern home, the starkville air, my church, and my friends, but i am not ready to buckle down on school work.

i know, that is alot of but's.....i just need to take it one step at a time.

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