Thursday, May 13, 2010

the big apple

i just got back from new york city. it was not as awesome as the company i was with, but it lived up to my expectations. i am a city girl, after awhile, nyc just became another city to me. flashing lights, lots of noise, lots of people. however, i was so pleasantly surprised at how friendly the people were....i guess i was thinking boston. guess not. but anyway, nyc was so much fun. i can't explain how much fun it was. we got to do so much. eddie was a wonderful host and tour guide. i can't believe i am just not making my way to see him after his four year at west point, but nonetheless, better late than never. i wish i could have done this every year or at least one other time. oh i had so much fun, i wish i could go back to walking to the streets of the big apple with eddie!

WHAT I GOT TO DO: i'm sure i forgot something though
-walked around west points campus (that is enough to keep me occupied for a week!!)
-ate lunch at a really good burger place (all local products)
-drove to nyc
-times square
-went to the top of the Rockefeller center
-saw Yankee stadium (not a fan, ugh, but it was cool)
-ate dinner in little Italy (family owned, sooooooo good...!)
-saw all the flags at the Rockefeller plaza
-empire state building
-went to battery park
-saw ground zero
-saw the statue of liberty
-brooklyn bridge
-wall street/stock exchange (very cool!)
-central park (only a little bit because i was freezing and wet)
-bought umbrellas from a newsstand and the lady basically went ballistic on us (HAHA)
-rode taxis
-rode the subway
-went into macy's (ITS A WHOLE ENTIRE CITY BLOCK!!)
-grand central station (probably one of my favorite things)
-grand central station market
-TOYS R US! and the Hershey's and m&m's stores
-ate some authentic new york style pizza!
-bought some souvenirs from street vendors ( i NY shirt)
-china town
-saw the home alone bridge in central park

we walked so much this week. i wasn't able to run while i was in new york, but next time i go i will def run in central park now that i am more familiar with the area. i am so glad i got to go to visit eddie, he is really great. i can't believe he is already graduating. i thought it was just last year that we were gonna go to prom (or not)....or that we were driving through the park....or....or......saying goodbye...or NCAA hall of fame (and meeting his super sexy grilfriend, barf)

what a great start of the week. i am leaving for kansas on saturday and i will be in sky corral by next sat. its going to be a long, crazy, awesome summer!

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