Monday, May 10, 2010


i am now home in the wonderful state of indiana.

i have been running downtown with my dad along the canal and zoo pathway.
i have run the whole perimeter of beech grove, i have biked almost every street in beech grove.
sean dietrich came to indy to visit, and we went on a run. elaborate on sean and i's run:

sean immediately starts the smack talk and talking down to me, as most guys do when they feel intimadated by such a hoss-like female. (LOL) sean thinks we are running at 8 min mile pace...ahhahaha, riiiight. in fact, we were running around 7:10-15 pace and then might have dropped the last few miles. it was great to run with someone again! i miss running with loren :/ sean....i guess you will do. lol, jk.

today, i ran 62 minutes around beech grove.
did a combo of a few loops: first i did LEE's LOOP which turned into BETHEL which turned into AMTRACK LOOP (my fav!!!!) which turned into GREATTIMES and then GROVEWOOD. it was great! ahhhh a little over 8 miles. i was very pleased. i will be taking these next 2 days off though because i will be in new york, so it is good that i have been getting some great longer runs in lately.

i walked probably close to 6 miles today through indy. today was my sister day :)

(sorry i forgot to post this when i wrote it because my internet went out)

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