Tuesday, May 4, 2010

pancakes, praise, perseverance

i just got done with another hour run. it was incredible, i ran half on the farms wtih loren. (AHHH SUCH A GREAT WAY TO START THE MORNING WITH SOMEONE WHO IS ON THE SAME PAGE AS YOU IN SO MANY ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE, AND WHO ADDS SO MUCH WISDOM AND MEMORABLE FUN) i normally don't like running on south farm, but today was different. the sun was still peaking over the horizon, the birds were whistling, the horses were out and naying, sweat was pouring down my face, and my knee felt....well it didn't feel anything, so that is great. i can't paint to you the picture in my head as i am running, but there is just that feeling inside that i forgot about during those 8 months of physical sednetariness. i ran over an hour again on saturday in the pouring rain, thunder, and lightening. now that, that is a rush.

i am eating pancakes (FIBER ONE!!!) right now. today is just a day of thanksgiving. as i was finishing the last 10 minutes of my run by myself because i ran from loren's apt, i couldn't help but just start praising my Maker out loud. THANK YOU THANK YOU. honestly, i can't recreate my emotions, but have you ever just been so appreciative that no matter how much you thank or give your gratitude, you just can never be thankful enough....well, that was me. it didn't matter how much i thanked, i knew it was not enough for what i have been given, yet i couldn't contain myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU! praising my God for what He has given me!

it's been about a month since i have been running, but only for about a week now have i really started feeling like a runner again. still i have a long way to go, but there is that internal drive that many people don't possess (you have to be CRAZY, truly CRAZY to have it). persevering through the highs and lows.

nollie has a few words to type on the computer
jsoo9-s gsusuj

that is my kitty who is walking all over me right now, thought she deserved some input.

heading to indy,

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