Sunday, May 16, 2010


i am now in kansas, and surprisingly, it is wonderful. well, i technically was in missouri for most of the day (brent and i went to see robin hood and then to a super delicious steak house called brio), but i am spending a few days in kansas with my very beloved friend, brent bailey. we went running this morning through baldwin city. i was rolling. we ran the first mile around 6:45 and averaged around 6:50ish. i could have gone alot faster but it was a great tempo pace, and i didn't want to absolutely destroy myself. i don't think i have moved that fast in a while, so it was nice to stretch the legs. there were a few hills here and there, so it made it a lot more challenging. good thing brent was there to keep me on my toes (literally) and made for great conversation.
i had a wonderful talk with brent today as we strolled through baker university campus. it was all about being a christian and living out the christian life, and what that truly looks like. it just really frustrates me when people call themselves "christians" and then they live a complete opposite way. its like they just called themselves a "christian" to get their fix or make themselves feel better, ugh, they don't even realize that it is so much more than that. THERE IS A GOD WHO YOU CAN HAVE A GENUINE RELATIONSHIP WITH! :) HE LOVES US! so we just talked about that and basically faith, what it means to be a christian, giving up things of this world for others vs. for God, and everything you could think of in that realm of possibilities. it was really refreshing to speak to someone about that. fellowship is so important, and it has been a while since i have been able to talk with someone. i can't wait to be in colorado so i can be surrounded with others who will build me up in all the right ways.
i am really enjoying my time in kansas. it is such a blessing to have friends in all places and walks of life. :)

in kansas and enjoying every second of it,

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  1. I really like how you profess your faith like this. You aren't afraid. That's awesome. It makes me strive to be a better Christian as well. Sometimes, for some reason, I don't like to label myself as one religion or faith because there's negative connotations associate with it. I saw this awesome quote on a girl's facebook. It said, "stand up for what you believe in--even if you're standing alone."That applies to being a Christian, too. Enjoy your summer. =]