Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i'm completely moved. watched this video.

(brent bailey showed this video to me because he cares so much and knew i would like it....plus he reminds me of my sister because he can pinch me with his feet and he also loves Serendipity (and so does his roommate Melanie) a shout out to CR....he told me to write all this, lol BRENT BAILEY #1)

old skeletons waltzed their way out of the closet this week. things in which i thought i had taken care of, things i thought were dead to me and safe behind a locked door. they weaseled their way into cracks and crevices unprotected, unguarded. for a second i let my guard down, the flood gates are opened and shame is the devastating aftermath. if you thought the sight in Nashville was bad, take a look at my heart.
(eating disorder, perception of myself, the way i look at others, lust, lukewarmness, not being surrounded by positivity, anger, bitterness)

at 4 minutes and 33 seconds of this video, i am forced to tears. emotional tears with roots so deep. my God is bigger than my problems, He can fix anything, He can cover my wrongs, He shows me love no human could dare to parallel. PRAISE GOD! oh this is such a visual of our life today, there are so many things that distract us from Christ. i pray that i can focus my attention solely on Christ, i don't want to end up several degrees away from my Savior.

on a running note:
sunday-->6 miler with brent at average of 6:45-6:50 pace with hills
monday-->ran 60 min, 8 miles on hills. one of the greatest runs in a while. i got chased by 2 dogs.
tuesday-->47 min about 6.5 miles today around baldwin city. i was cookin'. there are more hills in the eastern part of kansas/western missouri than i thought.

running is going well, praise be to God for giving me this ability. through running i am able to impact so many, i pray that i can continue to focus my efforts of praising God through this talent and never be blinded by my own personal success...after all, He was the one who gifted me this ability in the first place.

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  1. Christ is there. We just have to make sure he is with us and not behind all the distractions of this world.