Sunday, April 11, 2010

day of rest

today was sunday, thus i rested.
my body needed a good break.
last week i did alot of running.
shin splints are starting to come up.
what's not to expect though!?
i took 7 months off!
of course things are going to hurt.
all if going well though.

has a great weekend with my madre.
got some new KEEN shoes!

i gave my testimony today.
God is so good.
i thiank Him for his patience and grace.
without Him, i am lsot.
without Him, i have no purpose.
without Him, i lead a life of neglect.

i'm in a wierd mood right now, nothing is wrong but it's not right either.
however, my joy is based on Christ's promises, joy that is unshakeable.

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